binemist (lighthouse)


I´m a fashion blogger ,graphic designer & photographer on Second Life and real life.  I am here experiment my creativity in second life. Experiment with shadows, angles, lighting and different type of position the look of photography. Sense of feeling and without word expressing in a photo. That can explain it all in a photo. Most of all, I love fashion, explore around the grid, and having fun being creative.This is where I share my creativity.  I will be exploring, think of the box, &  pushing the boundaries of my skills.  Keep an open mind and enjoying !   Therefore, I will add photography work if anyone would like for themself in their website, facebook, or secondlife profile.

This is my first fashion blog!!! The reason for creating and sharing this blog is to express my fashion concept and also show my own personal touch sense of fashion, interior design, colors, texture,  & photography  to one composition.

Fashion is one of the most important things to everyone because without it everyone would look the same and all wear the same looks… That isn’t any fun at all!!! Fashion gives everyone a chance to express themselves and show their own styles. One of my favorite quote:

 “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Rachel Zoe

I will share with you all my fashion tastes the place I shop the most and what is latest trend, and share my photography skill in my photos.

I hope you enjoy my photography skill! Fashion should be fun and creative 😉

With Love

Lia Mistwalker

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