Outdoor Decor & Furniture Therapy # 407

Outdoor Decor & Furniture Therapy # 407

Outdoor Furniture & Decor
Sway’s [Lisha] Lounge Set in orange/blue, yellow/purple and red/green by Sway Dench  @  Candy Fair

Sway’s [Lisha] Picture Frame – Gift  by Sway Dench ( Candy Jar Picture frame for your own picture)  @ Candy Fair
Lounge Chair with Pillow and Lounge Chair with Pillow and Footstool
each with 20 animations
Side Table with wood base and top and color matching metal frame.

Sway’s [Eris] candelabra by Sway Dench @ The Liaison Collaborative
in gold, copper, silver and black
Floor and Table Candelabra
each with 5 candles / each flame can separately turned on and off
10 textures for candles: black, green, red, pink, purple, cream, blue, black/red, black/cream and black/purple
high and low LoD versions included

{what next}Toscana Gazebo (with fireplace) by Winter Thorn


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